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Off the NaNoWriMo Wagon!

And I’ve done it.

I fell off the proverbial wagon; I am only at 15k words for NaNoWriMo and it’s Nov 17th.

It’s not the end of the world, I’m fully aware, but I’m a little disappointed in myself for doing so because I’m pretty sure I won’t make the 50k deadly in 2.5 weeks.

It all started when the boyfriend and I decided we should move. This of course meant all my obsessive attention that I lavished upon my novel went to, and Ikea. And my lists (did I mention my obsessive compulsive list making?) It’s a shame, as I was doing so well and this idea I have is fun. Everyone I tell about it gets a little giggle and it’s so refreshing to write something a little off the wall compared to contemporary styles. From day-to-day I try to throw some more in but my head and heart are firmly distracted by this new shiny task set before me.

Then, I was given an amazing, special, stupendously wonderful opportunity at work.

To design, photograph, assemble and partly author a cookbook!

It’s for work and more details will come when it’s actually posted online bu by this time next month it’ll be finished, because I’ve focused on this project most of the time. I just need more recipe’s from a few people and it’ll be ready for all the photography, which I’ll be doing mostly by myself! I’m really excited and pumped that I get this chance, it will look amazing in a portfolio and is teaching me soo much about production. It won’t be perfect, not by any standard, but I’ll like it all the same.

So stay tuned and excited. Only a month to go. I am sorry NaNoWriMo, but at least it’s sort of the same thing! I will be making a ‘book’ in a month from scratch. Just not the way you mean me to!

Cheers and happy writing/reading.


Yes I Disappeared

I changed my name then ‘Poofed’ out of nowhere, I apologize for that. It was rude and I’ll try not to let it happen again. But as I was changing the face of my publicity persona a lot began to happen (though I’m pretty sure the two are unrelated).

Several job interviews, a wedding or two, a bachelorette, a new dog and a new job later I’m back.

That’s right. New Job. You heard me. After two long years I’m leaving NUCAP and looking forward to an actual publishing opportunity.

I am going to wait until my first day to blog and tell you all about the process and I look forward to a very challenging next few months. Soon there will be real information, not just cryptic name changes and updates.

For now take care. I’m reviewing slowly and plan to have them up as soon as I can. But life has proven more distracting than I thought these days…

The new Dog (Remy) is adorable!


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