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OwlKids @ Taste of the Danforth!

OwlKids at Taste of the Danforth             

   On Saturday August 7th I volunteered at Taste of the Danforth for OwlKids. It was pretty straight forward, a whole lot of ‘Hi, how are you? Would you like a magazine for your son/daughter/child (when you can’t see their face)” and smiling until your face feels plastered that way.

   It was good though. Nice to see people having a good time, the weather was fantastic and I have to admit Owl Kids Magazines are pretty good. They had a lot of things I didn’t expect, based a lot on learning and entertainment so bravo!

    Parents often recognized the name and a lot of teenagers came by saying ‘I remember those!!!’ It was a little surreal but I guess you could say fun. But ultimately good for the company. Lesley Black was great, she was there and working hard and did a great job of making us all happy. Not to mention a little surprise of lunch money at the end certainly helped make the heat of the day worth it. But I had fun. I don’t normally around kids but I did while volunteering for OwlKids

   Danforth was PACKED. Full of people just everywhere and you could barely wade through at times. Lines for food were gargantuan, I unfortunately couldn’t eat anything nice and greek because of it. So Lick’s it was! Burgers and hotdogs followed by all you can eat sushi with some old school friends.

   Would I volunteer again?

   Absolutely. Despite the heat, despite the people who look at you like you’re mad, despite the crying kids I’d do it again.

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