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Too good to not blog: Superhero’s ARE real!

So it’ not entirely related to publishing or publicity but hell, I love it anyways.

MSNBC news did an online article on the Real Life Super Hero Project. Basically, everyday Joe Shmoe’s have donned costumes and taken to the streets. Not really fighting crime in all cases but inspiring people to do good and in doing so these very real people are undertaking something very fantastic. Read the rest of this entry


Has the Balloon Popped?

The Dashed hopes and dreams of an aspiring Publicist? I wouldn’t say so. After a year of looking, still nothing.  Septagon Studios did not turn out to be the saviour I had hoped. I posted a bio and an ‘add,’ you could say, describing my mission to see if anyone would bite. I did have one, still looking into it, but as of now it’s all gone cold. Not enough people use the site or there’s just not that many people interested in Graphic Novel production anymore.

Am I still hopeful?

Of course!  I’m currently in the works, trying to make a few more contacts in the Publishing industry however I shall never name names. But most importantly I’m dabbling in a little creativity of my own: this week shall be the last week I hold on to the first of a long line of scripts for a graphic novel.

Independently produced? Of course!  Oh what would I do to be represented by a publisher… I think the sky would be the limit on that one, though I’m sure I’d hold my soul a little while before caving. But there is always hope. I will start to do my reviews again. I hope. If time allows.
Back to school, back to work, back to writing, back to hunting: I have a feel 2011 will be a better year than 2010.

Keep the faith! Hold onto hope, and maybe one day we’ll all be doing what we want.

Cheers, and good luck. We could all use a little I’m sure.

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