Welcome to UpsetAppleCart Publicity and Promotions,

My name is Lisa-Marie and I’ve started this blog as my launch point into Freelance Publicity in the competitive and busy Canadian publishing industry. I’m here because I want to be a publicist and rather than wait for the positions to become available I’m going to do some freelancing for anyone that is up to the challenge.

I’ll be taking on assignments of all kinds but I’d love to focus on comics / graphic fiction and really give it the attention it deserves. Of course, I’m inexperienced, but that won’t hold me back in the least. I look forward to the challenge of starting from scratch and working my way up.

This blog will track my journey through this new endeavour. This is for the cautionary tales and somewhere to celebrate my successes, however few and far between they might be. Plus the occasional bit of self promotion. What could it hurt?

What’s in a Name…

This blog was previously known as ‘Vanair Publicity’ but I felt more like an upset apple cart. So, hence the name change!

Interested in Joining the UpsetAppleCart team?

I’m not a fully fledged business but the desire is there. One day, in the distant future I’d like to run a publicity, PR, event planning, marketing firm: but it takes more than one person. If you’re a reviewer, a writer, a blogger, publisher, event planner, crazy book lover of the not so physical variety, anyone really – I’d love to see what we could do for each other.

Please feel free to email me at upsetapplecart.publicity@gmail.com or comment below.



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