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OwlKids @ Taste of the Danforth!

OwlKids at Taste of the Danforth             

   On Saturday August 7th I volunteered at Taste of the Danforth for OwlKids. It was pretty straight forward, a whole lot of ‘Hi, how are you? Would you like a magazine for your son/daughter/child (when you can’t see their face)” and smiling until your face feels plastered that way.

   It was good though. Nice to see people having a good time, the weather was fantastic and I have to admit Owl Kids Magazines are pretty good. They had a lot of things I didn’t expect, based a lot on learning and entertainment so bravo!

    Parents often recognized the name and a lot of teenagers came by saying ‘I remember those!!!’ It was a little surreal but I guess you could say fun. But ultimately good for the company. Lesley Black was great, she was there and working hard and did a great job of making us all happy. Not to mention a little surprise of lunch money at the end certainly helped make the heat of the day worth it. But I had fun. I don’t normally around kids but I did while volunteering for OwlKids

   Danforth was PACKED. Full of people just everywhere and you could barely wade through at times. Lines for food were gargantuan, I unfortunately couldn’t eat anything nice and greek because of it. So Lick’s it was! Burgers and hotdogs followed by all you can eat sushi with some old school friends.

   Would I volunteer again?

   Absolutely. Despite the heat, despite the people who look at you like you’re mad, despite the crying kids I’d do it again.


June 30th, 2010 – CONTACTS!!

It’s been a few days, I’ve neglected my precious new blog. Silly to do when you have a goal!

But I’ve made progress. I’m going to meet up with a few people int he industry to try and get some help with understanding the industry. One is an agent who was my Professor for a Trade Overview course with Ryerson. We’ll meet for coffee, talk a little business and get some perspective on this ‘Freelance’ thing I’ve thrown myself into.

Also, I’ve been in touch with a Publicist who has her own business who was also a previous teacher. She’s taken my resume and has decided to maybe give me a few pointers. Can’t hurt right? Not to mention the fact that she remembers me after a year. That’s a nice feeling.

Besides that I’ve signed up to volunteer for OwlKids at the Taste of the Danforth in Toronto August 7th! It’ll be good, meet a few people and get out there doing things in the industry. Could make some contacts, might not, who knows! All I’m concerned with is the kids. I’m good with them, but not a big fan with the crying, the screaming, the running and pinching. But I’m looking forward to it!

So, progress is good. Don’t know where it’ll take me but it’s good. Now if I could just find someone to represent I’d be on my way….

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