NaNoWriMo – Week One Complete

‘I am a sleepy bear’ I said on Saturday, code to my boyfriend that I am too sleepy to write and so I didn’t.

On Friday night I had met my weekday goal of two thousand words a day. It was easy, spent some evening’s writings and on my lunch breaks at work. It was great practice and didn’t’ take a lot of effort. All those years of writing ‘novels’ and stories coupled with shameless role-playing instilled a confidence that I would be fine.

Buuuut then I didn’t write much Friday night and Saturday due to visiting friends, personal self-indulgence and laziness; emphasis on the last one there.  At first I kept telling myself, ‘Oh it’s nothing! Just a few thousand words’ but when Sunday rolled around I began to panic (for no real reason as this is 100% voluntary).

Panic suddenly means I MUST WRITE IMMEDIATELY! So on to Facebook to pester other NaNoWriMo writers (specifically my friend Tricia, Trewest on NaNoWriMo and  her story The Tales of Twisted Felix Katt’ on where she’s putting up her story in sections for feedback and early reading) in an attempt to justify my procrastination as ‘on topic’, open up word and type type type! Most of what I am writing is nonsense, applicable nonsense but silly just the same. And in turn, I was rather foolish as I left all my notes at work and had to go off memory, which now as I can see my notes before me, emphasizes that I have a pretty shit memory.

Week One Advice: Don’t ever stop or take a ‘day off’. it’s super BadNewsBears.

I’m almost back on track with my two thousand  a day goal (which will give me about 5 days to attempt to upload my word count and try to make sure the story actually has an ending). If I write another two and a half thousand words today all will be well until there comes another day I feel I can’t write and won’t and so begins the process again.

If I can keep this panic down to one day a week I will feel successful.

So update done.

If you’re interested in word count and NaNoWriMo stalking please see their main page, dutifully run by the Office of Letters and Light Programs who have a OLL blog!

And of course there’s me, UpsetAppleCart on NaNoWriMo. Sorry stalkers, only a summary and excerpt is up at the moment. Perhaps a full entry will follow.

Cheers and happy writing (reading if you were not brave enough this year to join).


Promises and Purchases

I’m off to a pretty shitty start aren’t I? Promising a review a night, and it’s been three days but only one review. Instead of working hard to bring you little one night reviews, I went out and bought more comic books, the boyfriend taking the blame this time and having a good hearty chuckle at my after thought : I can’t afford rent, why am I buying more comics?!

But here I am. Three more books purchased. Only one read and finished from before. Leaving oodles and oddles left to read. Well I’ve gone through several of my comics but haven’t sat down and really considered them since Sherlock. The books that caught my eye though are worth noting.

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 (Series 2)

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 by David Petersen

Mouse Guard . Net

A few months ago I’d picked up Issue 1+2 of the The Black Axe. The art won me instantly, and though I’ve only flipped since, the story has brought tears to my eyes. It’s powerful, cruel, wonderful but this isn’t a review. This is a purchase list! And this is why I bought Winter 1152 .

1. Mice are cute. Hate me, calling me a wuss and a chick but I’m always drawn to comics that portray animals as heroic. It hurts the most, like movies where animals die (though never for real) but heroic mice, evil ferrets and other creatures living the grand and simple lives of men is such a romantic thing. And… mice are cute.

2. I have the The Black Axe, which is Series 3, and not series 1 or 2? Remedy must be made Winter 1152  was first, so next is Fall 1152 to complete it and catch up!

3. Hardcover. There’s something pleasant about the aesthetics of a book. Comics are visually appealing but holding a hard bound cover, in the pleasing 8.5 x 8 format, is something I feel should be cherished and kept safe. An old tome to hold onto instead of shoving it in a box with some cardboard and plastic wrap.

Cover:The Black Axe Issue 1

4. The art is wonderful. It’s not the last thing, it really isn’t. David Petersen (his Blog) has done something wonderful in his art and story, reminding me (and this is all still at the comic book store mind you, I haven’t even read it yet) of something I should have read in my childhood. Please take a look at all the fabulous cover art and images you can find on his website: Mouse Guard . Net. You will not be disappointed.

But make no mistake this is not your simple children’s story at all. It’s real, real and cruel. Which makes it soo much more beautiful.

The Sixth Gun 1+2

I can’t remember who I was talking to about this title, but it lead to a purchase. It might have been with the Oni Press fiends on twitter(@OniPress), but who knows! They’re mine now and they will be read.

The Sixth Gun Issue 1

The Sixth Gun Issue 2

It does raise the question: Why do we buy the comics we do?
I know I have a preferred style which none of these represents, but I purchased for interest and familiarity when it comes to Winter 1152 and The Sixth Gun.

Why do you buy comic books?
What drives you to pick one up off the shelves?
Is it the name, the publisher, the story, a particular character?

Cheers and happy reading.


It’s nearly November. For some that can mean only ONE thing.


Which is extremely important but it means one more thing too: NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo Logo of AWESOME!

What the hell is NaNoWriMo?  It’s the National Novel Writing Month (with a pretty funky name to go with an awesome cool idea). It’s a yearly tradition of a bunch of writers, known, experienced, inexperienced or anonymous come together,write 50,000 words in 30 days. It opens November 1st, closes the 31st.

There is no time to edit

There is no time to revise

There is only time to write! It’s a great opportunity to do free form novel-writing without giving one hoot about quality. Which yes, you can argue is MADNESS but sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered. Get it out of you, in 50,000 words to join the NaNoWriMo community of insane authors.

It has a wonderful forum base where you can chat about what you’re writing, grab ideas and spew out your own. The support for this in social media caught my attention last year and I’m thinking, if I’m crazy enough I just might attempt the massive word count toll.

Rules: Must be from scratch. No cheating here people. You also need to finish within the time frame allotted. You can join later in the month, but that means you have less time to create your monster.

So join me in the excitement! If only to watch the progress if you’re too timid to take part (pot calling kettle super black right now)

Please also note: NaNoWriMo’s run by a tiny but mighty nonprofit called the Office of Letters and Light. Check them out and all their programs they offer.

Review: Sherlock Holmes Year One #1

The Butlers Did It 

 Scott Beatty
Illustrator: Daniel Indro
Colorist: Tony Avina
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Covers: Francesco Francavilla, Aaron Campbell, Daniel Indro
Editor: Joseph Rybandt
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price: 3.99 USD

This isn’t the first time I’ve read this comic, though I will admit that I did remember it differently. My first opinion of it was cruel and I realized I must have read it while tired. Taking that into account I am tired again, not as much so, but enough so not to bow down to the this comic as it might be deserving.

Read the rest of this entry

I’ve got the bug

There’s always a time of year when you start to feel the itch. No it’s not the sickness kids are bringing home from schools, or interoffice cold going around.

The writing itch.

I’ve picked up pen and paper (ie. keyboard and my precious memory stick) and trying my hand at my favourite, but sorely dismissed as of late, hobby of writing. Right now it’s touching up scripts on my lunch breaks, poking at page layouts while the boyfriend marks children’s papers and the new task: Comic book a night until my stores are complete.

THEN I can buy more.

So are the reviews back? YES! Though probably less thorough as it’ll be one a night.  And maybe more that just comic reviews. I’m not just a publicist (now sadly unemployed publicity wise) but I’m a writer and lover of art and words. I’m turning now to the successful authors and artists for inspiration and guidance.

Want to join me in my little mini quest? And read all your unread comics before you buy another? I’d love the company. And I always want to know what authors and artists out there are thinking.

What comics do you go to for inspiration?

Who were your muses?

As always, happy reading and writing.

New Job!

Yes, that’s right. I wasn’t just blowing smoke in my last post. I’m now employed as the Technology Intern with Master Point Press.

I’ve only been here for a few days but I feel really great about this opportunity and can’t wait to see where it takes me. For now it’s a lot of learning the ropes (again it’s only day three), but it’s nice to be a part of a smaller publisher where I can take on various tasks and not just file and scan all day long.

Now is the point to tell you a bit more about Master Point Press (MPP). They are a Canadian publisher specializing in Bridge books. Bridge as in the card game. If you don’t know bridge it’s complicated. I’m only barely touching the surface now and there’s so much more to get involved in, though knowing a bit of Euchre  helps bridge the gaps (OH what a pun). Links are for Wiki knowledge that might help you decide if you are for or against learning these two card games.

Before this company I didn’t have any idea how involved the bridge community was between teachers, students, international players and publisher. There are a ton of websites to check out about Bridge books and teaching them. Examples: and MPP’s eBook site eBooksBridge,com . Everything from guides to bridge fiction can be found all over these sites and MPP’s main site (I listed above as well).

To keep things brief I’ll say this: Bridge is hard but fun nonetheless. And I’m excited to work with their blogging site,  and I have my own little spot for blogs and info at  (where I’ve already made a few posts!)



So do you feel full yet? Have you pointed, clicked, checked it all out? There will of course always be more updates and no this is not shameless self promotion, well not entirely.

Take care, happy reading. I know I always promise and rarely deliver but  I will keep you all informed as I go on this small journey.

Wish me luck!

Yes I Disappeared

I changed my name then ‘Poofed’ out of nowhere, I apologize for that. It was rude and I’ll try not to let it happen again. But as I was changing the face of my publicity persona a lot began to happen (though I’m pretty sure the two are unrelated).

Several job interviews, a wedding or two, a bachelorette, a new dog and a new job later I’m back.

That’s right. New Job. You heard me. After two long years I’m leaving NUCAP and looking forward to an actual publishing opportunity.

I am going to wait until my first day to blog and tell you all about the process and I look forward to a very challenging next few months. Soon there will be real information, not just cryptic name changes and updates.

For now take care. I’m reviewing slowly and plan to have them up as soon as I can. But life has proven more distracting than I thought these days…

The new Dog (Remy) is adorable!


We’ve changed!

Good news everyone, Vanair Publicity is no more, or rather has just changed names!

We (as in me) are now:

UpsetAppleCart Publicity and Promotions!!

Just a simple name change as I find it fits my personality much better and this is a world where children can be named Apple or Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii, so I think this can pass as a blog name.

More reviews to come along with publicity news.


Review: Cowboy Ninja Viking #1

Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

Cowboy Ninja Viking #1

On Amazon
Story by AJ Lieberman
Cover and Art by Riley Rossmo
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price:  $3.50
|Release Date: Wed, October 14th, 2009

You’re introduced to the story via the villain. Does that ruin it for you if you’ve only read the first few pages? Yeah, probably but this is a review! The villain of course is just like the hero and its set up a little like a detective fiction where you’re constantly twenty-paces behind the events as they’re happening. Some might not like this, I kind of love it.

The main character is Duncan, better titled Cowboy Ninja Viking. How can one character be all three? Multiple personalities! Nicknamed as a ‘Triplet’ Duncan was of course a part of an experimental program the reader really doesn’t know much about that trained him to be a deadly weapon utilizing the three personalities he’s developed. A Cowboy, a Ninja, and my all time favourite Viking!

Read the rest of this entry

Update: Contacts + Sesame Chicken

Yesterday I had the chance to meet up with Andrew Uys (pronounced Ace) founder of UysFaber. Talking publishing, comics, freelancing and tangents. There was sesame chicken, iced tea, steak and a beer or two! Just my kind of Monday.

Food aside, it was great to meet Andrew face to face and talk publicity and comics. Getting to know him a bit more, see where he’s coming from and where he’s going gives me a better idea of how we can help each other.  

Working with Andrew would definitely be a great introduction into the industry in Toronto and I’m the kinda gal who wants to help indie publishers, artists and authors in any way I can.

Right now he has me looking at Salt Road#1 and 2 for now which seems like a good place to start. (Nudge: You should go look too!) The next step is the nitty-gritty I think: exactly what he needs and how I can do that for him. And of course, there the fee’s to discuss. Defining your worth in $$ is never a comfortable subject, but it will be done!

Now, could that post get anymore cryptic? I might try another day. But it’s just barely post 10am, I think that gives me a smidge of leeway to not be extremely entertaining.

Check out UysFaber online to see what they’re up to and their blog, twitter @uys999 , and UysFaber’s facebook page.  

And of course, as always, more is on its way.


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