Those Who Can’t Do Publicize

It’s not true or at least I’m hoping it’s not.

Lately I’ve been dabbling in different types of writing and even some comic book script writing. It’s not as easy as some might thing but I’ve got a secret weapon that’s not so secret.

ComixTribe’s The Proving Grounds

Steven Forbes over at CT has a fantastic weekly post where he rips scripts to shreds in a constructive way! It’s a method of teaching and help he’s offering to the comic book community that I’m really happy he’s doing and not just because he’s edited my script. Steven’s able to find some of the problems met in writing and with the Bolts and Nuts he gives a heads up on how to avoid them.

So take a look at what he says on my script and of course what he’s said on the ones before me and after. He’s a great editor and is here to help.

I’m now off to fix what I’ve done wrong. It’s a start!


About UpsetAppleCart

A young, inexperienced yet dedicated Freelance Publicist. Branching out into the world with little knowledge of what will happen, how, where, why and when! But ready nonetheless.

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