I’m sorry NaNoWriMo

The date: December 2nd 2011.

The task: Complete a 50,000 word novel in the month of november.

Status: 16,000 words complete.



I’m sad (but not ashamed) to say I failed to meet my NaNoWriMo goal this past month. I was doing quite well, had exceeded my daily word target until about the 12th when my life started becoming hectic.

  • I’m making a book from scratch for my job
  • My job is a job and takes up a great deal of my time and though
  • Friend came up from the states for a visit resulting in drinking and ignoring ‘To-Do’ list.
  • Christmas shopping was necessary this November because…
  • I am moving January 2nd
  • Became distracted with comic script writing…

Most of that is primarily awesome, if not al, so I’m not too ashamed about not meeting the deadline. My friend Tricia did and despite my distractions and her writing a freaking novel, she found the time to encourage me and keep it all going. I appreciated it, always will and I felt like I had lacked in the support department.


BUT all is well. It’s not the end of the world, as I had thought on November 20th when I was several thousand words behind. It was a goal and not every goal MUST be reached. The story idea is solid and I think I’ll keep going with it. Who knows, I might pick it back up next November, and try to add another 50,000 words to  my 16k total.


So now, I ask, how did everyone’s NaNoWriMo go? Finished? Never tried it?


About UpsetAppleCart

A young, inexperienced yet dedicated Freelance Publicist. Branching out into the world with little knowledge of what will happen, how, where, why and when! But ready nonetheless.

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