NaNoWriMo – Week One Complete

‘I am a sleepy bear’ I said on Saturday, code to my boyfriend that I am too sleepy to write and so I didn’t.

On Friday night I had met my weekday goal of two thousand words a day. It was easy, spent some evening’s writings and on my lunch breaks at work. It was great practice and didn’t’ take a lot of effort. All those years of writing ‘novels’ and stories coupled with shameless role-playing instilled a confidence that I would be fine.

Buuuut then I didn’t write much Friday night and Saturday due to visiting friends, personal self-indulgence and laziness; emphasis on the last one there.  At first I kept telling myself, ‘Oh it’s nothing! Just a few thousand words’ but when Sunday rolled around I began to panic (for no real reason as this is 100% voluntary).

Panic suddenly means I MUST WRITE IMMEDIATELY! So on to Facebook to pester other NaNoWriMo writers (specifically my friend Tricia, Trewest on NaNoWriMo and  her story The Tales of Twisted Felix Katt’ on where she’s putting up her story in sections for feedback and early reading) in an attempt to justify my procrastination as ‘on topic’, open up word and type type type! Most of what I am writing is nonsense, applicable nonsense but silly just the same. And in turn, I was rather foolish as I left all my notes at work and had to go off memory, which now as I can see my notes before me, emphasizes that I have a pretty shit memory.

Week One Advice: Don’t ever stop or take a ‘day off’. it’s super BadNewsBears.

I’m almost back on track with my two thousand  a day goal (which will give me about 5 days to attempt to upload my word count and try to make sure the story actually has an ending). If I write another two and a half thousand words today all will be well until there comes another day I feel I can’t write and won’t and so begins the process again.

If I can keep this panic down to one day a week I will feel successful.

So update done.

If you’re interested in word count and NaNoWriMo stalking please see their main page, dutifully run by the Office of Letters and Light Programs who have a OLL blog!

And of course there’s me, UpsetAppleCart on NaNoWriMo. Sorry stalkers, only a summary and excerpt is up at the moment. Perhaps a full entry will follow.

Cheers and happy writing (reading if you were not brave enough this year to join).


About UpsetAppleCart

A young, inexperienced yet dedicated Freelance Publicist. Branching out into the world with little knowledge of what will happen, how, where, why and when! But ready nonetheless.

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