And it Begins

So this is a blog site I’ve never used.Which is fitting since this is something I’ve never done.

Welcome to Vanair Publicity. My name is Lisa-Marie Wilson and I’m a young, inexperienced freelance publicist. I decided today that I wasn’t going to wait for the publishing world to decide when it wanted me.
So I’m coming, ready or not.

This will be where I chronicle the beginnings of this endeavour. Be it advice or cautioning tales, or a little self serving promotion (if I ever get anything or anyone to represent) it should an interesting ride.

So watch, wait, see.  For anyone who’s where I am, ready for entry-level positions that aren’t ready for me, ready to start a career and tired of waiting for the career spot to be free, or just tired of waiting for life to start.

I’m taking control so look out! HERE I COME!


About UpsetAppleCart

A young, inexperienced yet dedicated Freelance Publicist. Branching out into the world with little knowledge of what will happen, how, where, why and when! But ready nonetheless.

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